Touched By An Angel

I have to apologize in advance if you were hoping that I was going to post a review on the 1994, 211 episode, 9 season series that starred Roma Downey. The fact is I am not even going to talk about being touched – not directly anyway. Today I am just going to share a story about how, in the middle of a great day, I was randomly “touched” in a new age world kind of way.

I have to start by telling you about the Braves / Marlins game that occurred on Sunday August 29th. I am not a sports or Braves writer so don’t check out if you are a Sillies fan. I was at that game with my family and the fact is – was not having a great time. The Braves got down early and they stayed down until the bottom of the 8th. If you have been following the Braves this season you know that being down late in a game means nothing to these boys and this past Sunday was no exception. They closed the gap in the 8th and then my man crush, MattyD, tied it on a 2 run blast. 2 outs later the AllStar MVP, McCann blasted a solo shot that sort of stunned the baseball community – It had to be reviewed. BRAVES WIN.

I had to cover those details so that you would know that by the end of the game I was looking down at Cloud 9 and could barely see it. I was high on the excitement of that game, being there with my kids, and walking down the memory lane of all the Braves games that my pops took me to as a little boy. For just a few minutes in time I really didn’t think that anything could penetrate the emotions that were free flowing but ……….. something did!

I got a random tweet from a name that I have never seen and I certainly didn’t know who it was. But the tweet was sent direct to @DxPepper and it was spot on in content so I knew that it was meant for me.

The tweet was from @JacoryHarris12 and he was telling me that he was going to watch Forrest Gump, an all time classic. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out who Jacory was and why he was sending me a message about Forrest Gump. Then, it hit me. My buddy, @Geopear, and I are almost constantly tweeting a quote or 2 from Forrest and I am sure that we even # (hashtagged) a few here and there.  JacoryHarris12 was just doing what Twits (is that what we are called) do. He was just sending a message to a random stranger on a topic of mutual interest.

Now, back to the cloud that I was floating on …… and then another Tweet came in. @Geopear asked me if I knew who Jacory was so I answered him, …. again! NOPE. His response sort of floored me – Jacory Harris is the quarterback for the University of Miami (I didn’t know Miami had a university, better yet a football team).

WOW – A top ranked college quarterback randomly sent me a tweet. ME. Who am I that someone like that would tweet me!

Now that I have bored you, let me get to my point – Just a random tweet from Jacory reminded me of a very simple fact of life. We all want someone to reach out to us sometimes and offer affirmation, attention, encouragement, or just a smile. Everyone of us can be the angel that touches someone today! Send that tweet, comment on that status update, lean over to that person, or smile at the counter worker! Be an angel!

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2 Responses to Touched By An Angel

  1. Lance says:

    The episode where Della Reese says something loudly profound and everyone changes their mind about an issue s a result is my favorite. I never whated that show, by the way.

    You should advertise to your twitterz friendz (me) that you have a blog. One of these days we need to hit a game together. #shirtless fever


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