Where is my time going –

Have you ever asked yourself that question? You may be asking yourself, which question is that? If so, you missed the title of the post. Let me help you out here – Where is my time going?

I have asked myself that question so many times that you would think I whould know the answer. Now I do. I decided to log my time for a 24 hour period so that I knew exactly where my time was spent or used or wasted or ……. going. I found some very interesting info in the data. Here is the break down:

Volunteer Work = 5.43%

Exercise = 8.70%

Driving = 10.87%

Personal Stuff = 11.96%

Sleeping = 21.74%

Doing my Job = 41.3%

I think that seems pretty normal, at least I hope that I am normal. Based on the data I am either sleeping or working. There is some crossover in the driving / working category and in the working / personal but this isn’t really a scientific approach or anything. I just wanted to know how I am using the precious gift of time.

Now – Here is where things get really interesting. If I take my projected death date found on www.deathclock.com (yes it is morbid) I can project how I will be spending the rest of my life!

If you are as interested in my life as I am, then take a look at how many days I will be doing the following:

Volunteer Work = 542 Days: I am pretty darn happy that I am able to give this much of the rest of my life to others. I wonder how many lives I will touch by doing a few things here and there that are helpful?

Exercise = 1084 Days: I actually think that the more days I spend exercising the more days I will have to exercise and extend that count down clock 🙂

Driving = 1356 Days: Considering the fact that I have pledged to no longer text and drive (Thank you mommy for making me do that) I might have more time to do this as well.

Personal Stuff = 1491 Days: Don’t ask! Its personal.

Sleeping = 2712 Days: I sure want to increase this number and will look for ways to have this overlap with some of the other things (naps at red-lights might help).

Doing my Job = 5695 Days: I love my job! My job is my entire life. It is my household, my yard, my kids, and everything that is my world!

Where is YOUR time going?

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