I have a wish just for you!

I really do have a wish just for you. I uncovered and made this wish about 4:35 this morning. Only crazy people are up that early so that explains the reason why I was making this wish but ….. it is a wish all the same.

While I was out for an early morning run I had the iPod feeding some ear candy into my skull and one of the greatest songs of all times happened to be selected from the Shuffle Deck – My Wish by Rascal Flatts (watch/listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eCYb0X9iqM)

This song was dedicated to a friend of mine but I think that I have the liberty to share it with you for the purpose of this post. So without further ado here is my wish: … ” (that) you help somebody every chance you get …. and always give more than you take”. That is a very simple wish in my opinion and I know it is one that YOU can make come true.

Time to challenge and convict them Chris” …… That little voice inside my head just whispered something to me. Did you hear it as well?

Here is my challenge to you – Find at least one cause, charity, idea, or some way that you can not only help someone; but that you can shine a light on. I am asking that you not only be apart of that which you help but tell others about what you are doing so that they might find some encouragement to help others as well! Simple enough, right?

Conviction Chris, time to convict”  Sorry, got distracted for second.

I am going to change the subject just briefly but stay with me because this road leads us back to where we were, aghhhh ARE! I was utterly amazed by the number of sports related Tweets that I received this weekend. I mean just about 99.9% of the tweets that I received over the last 72 hours dealt with some sporting event or another – I think the only non-sports related tweet that I got dealt with tinfoil and hair or something like that.

There is nothing wrong with that – About 99.9% of the tweets that I sent dealt with a sports related event. I did respond to that tinfoil and hair tweet though. But what if some of the people that were sending those sports tweet sent just one or two tweets about how to help someone by supporting a cause! Do you think it would make a difference? It just might!

Close your eyes and imagine ….. wait, open your eyes so that you can see what I have typed. Ok now, imagine that you tweeted some information about a cause that you support. Now imagine a few of your tweeps RTing it – then some of their tweeps RT it – and so on and so on and before you know it – your cause is Trending …….. YEAH BABY! – Sorry, I got a little carried away but my point is this; someone is going to read your tweet and they will be touched.

If you are one of my old friends that became a stranger and we are connected on FaceBook (assuming these common friendship exist) then you probably know all an awful lot about Lana by reading what Kappy posts. More importantly you KNOW how he is a Warrior of Cancer and that he fully supports Camp Sunshine … www.mycampsunshine.com. Or maybe you know Paul Register and how strongly he supports the Republican Party and how he is trying to help others that have faced something in life that he has (http://www.lilligrace.org).

Or you might be one of the strangers that have become my friend and we have connected via Twitter. If so, are you also following @bentleybrian? There is no question that he lives his life to serve our God and does all that he can to promote Jesus! Check out @Cloweman and you will you see a man that is just crazy for his kids and is always doing some of the coolest things with them.

Are you sill with me? Good – Here is the plan. This coming Friday I am going to announce a cause that I support in hopes that you might one day support that cause. You are not obligated to support what I have selected nor are you obligated to support anything. Come back by on Friday because at a minimum you will learn something new.

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