Did you accept my challenge?

Thank you for either: A) coming back since it is Friday and you read “I Have a Wish Just for You” and you just could wait for me to hit you up for some money or something ….. or B) you finally gave in to my tweets  or Status Updates with a link to this blog …… or C) your name is mom (Grammy) or Grand Pa Fred and as family you are obligated to check in ….. or D) NO WAY – none of you are actually following me and could not wait for my next post.

Anyway – Please let me just start off with a deep and sincere apology. You deserve it! Why ? ? ?  Because I am a fraud. Yes, it is true! I am a fraud. I challenged all of you to find a cause that allowed you to help others but I am going to promote a cause that has lots of benefit to me! Yeah – Actually, I am serious. I selfishly support this so called “cause” –

OK OK OK I will tell you that my “cause” is The American Red Cross. Specifically, I support donating platelets! There, I told you – But please do not be fooled for one moment – I am no hero!  I donate platelets because it benefits me!

No, they are not storing my platelets until I need them – I have no idea what happens to those little blood clotting agents after they take them from me. I donate so that I have to SIT and do nothing for about 90 minutes. I donate so that I force myself to be trapped, in a lazy boy, with needles sticking into one arm and one wrist (I am just odd like that). I donate so that there is nothing else that I can do but sit and watch a movie. Selfish? I think so! And that is why I am no hero.

The true hero’s are ……… nope! They are not the ones that are taking my platelets – Although they are usually very cool people. The true hero’s are the ones that are eventually going to get my platelets! (more about that later)

For now, let me tell you just a little bit about what is going to happen to me starting about 9:30 – I am going to check into the local Red Cross donation center and be handed a notebook that contains info on donating. After reading the info,  I am going to sit with an intake nurse who is going to ask lots of questions, take my temp, look at my arms (for tracks I suspect – what is a track – visible signs that indicate I use intravenous drugs) poke my finger, test my blood for iron, and set me up on the computer to take a health questionnaire. I am going to spend about 5 minutes answering some questions and then ………

After all of the checks and balances have been balanced and checked I am going to my chair. I am going to lay back and get comfortable while they do some really cool things to a large piece of equipment. Then they are going to start looking for veins to poke with very large needles.

Side note – If you are scared of needles and that is why you will not donate …. get over it. Think of this as a chance to overcome that fear before your life depends on that very needle! Wouldn’t you like to conquer that fear before you are in need of having one poked into your arm in order to save your life?

Where was I …… pinch …. slight sting …… nothing! Other arm now – pinch …. slight sting ….. nothing! I like to watch my blood run out of one arm, filter through the machine, and slowly start its way back into my wrist stick. – There! It is free flowing and my movie is on so I am going to check out until they get all of the good stuff that they need!

I told you – I am selfish. I would like to admit that I have some deep desire to give my platelets to others but I really don’t. I hope that does not shock you or deter you from doing the same. If it does then please take just a little time to learn about how donating platelets can help others:


You should read all of the cool things that you can donate but just click on the  Types of Donations tab and select Platelets to learn more about who I am helping while I help myself.

That just about wraps this up – Remember this request from the other post: “Come back by on Friday because at a minimum you will learn something new” – Well if you didn’t learn something then please read this again and click on that link.

What now – nothing – that was it ……….. or you could call 1-800-RED-CROSS for platelet donation opportunities near you. Or, if The Red Cross and donating blood just isn’t your thing then take my challenge. Please!

Here is my challenge to you – Find at least one cause, charity, idea, or some way that you can not only help someone; but that you can shine a light on. I am asking that you not only be apart of that which you help but tell others about what you are doing so that they might find some encouragement to help others as well!

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5 Responses to Did you accept my challenge?

  1. Laura Zackery says:

    Thanks for shining a light on platelet donation. I have never donated platelets, but I donate blood 3 or 4 times a year. I should inquire about platelet donation next time I go. The best thing about donating blood is that it costs nothing but time. For one on a tight budget, it is one thing I can give, and give often, that does not break the bank, yet I can feel good that I am helping someone. Great post, keep up the good work!

  2. Mom says:

    I have been donating blood and/or platelets for many years and while I too enjoy sitting back for a 1-1/2 or 2 hours (my blood doesn’t flow as fast as yours I guess) and watching a movie, there is something about giving a part of you for someone else that feels so satisfying. Giving money if you have it is wonderful, giving up personal time to help others is highly commendable, giving a part of yourself is awesome!!

  3. Lance says:

    my sister in law did this over the weekend (helping out a friend) so by proxy and relation and marriage, so did I.

    Im a fraud too.

  4. Chris Lowe says:

    Great idea and great post. I’m a huge fan of donating blood and I have donated platelets also. Unfortunately, with the introduction of children into my life, I don’t have the opportunity to donate as often as I’d like. However, they’re getting older and I should be able to return to a regular donation schedule soon. In the mean time, thanks for the reminder. I think I will go and make time to donate.

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