CAD: Lessons Learned! CAD: Lessons Learned?

I was sitting by myself this AM trying to have a little solo quality time and I could hear this small, quite, and very faint voice trying to speak to me. This soft little voice was coming from some where deep inside my head ….. deep inside my soul. It seemed important so I was trying to hear what that little voice was saying but the words (well, thoughts – I am not crazy, I am just a little unwell) were muffled.

I could not hear what that voice was trying to say because there was sooooo much chatter going on in my mind. I could hear the voice of the NL East pennant race coming through loud and clear. NLEP was talking much louder than the voices representing a few other things that are happening in my life – the voice of 5U Soccer Coaching was there; as well as: USTA Mixed Combo Captain, ALTA Men’s Captain, PTA 1st Grade Science Chair , AR Grade Level Rep, my daily / weekly todo list, etc… … …..

SHUT UP! Will all of you please shut up so I can hear what that little voice deep down inside of me is saying! – Thank you! Once I was able to quite the storm of chatter and focus on that little voice I was able to hear with clarity what it was trying to say!

“Remember cause awareness day (CAD)? What lessons did YOU learn? What lessons did OTHERS learn?” The voice came through loud and clear and I finally had the chance to talk with myself about the things that I learned last Friday and I am going to share those with you.

Before we debrief the lessons that I learned I need to remind you of a sentence from my very first blog post: “The fact is, there is only one thing that I really want to change. Hang around for a little while and you just might figure out what that is!” – ME! I hope that I will change me because …“I like me sooo much that I refuse to stay the way I am!”

The greatest thing that I learned last Friday is how to set aside the fact that I was going to selfishly donate platelets. I spent so much time focused on how platelet donations have and will help other people that I can now say with absolute certainty that I have become passionate about the whole #GiveLife process. I will no longer think of myself while I donate! I cannot wait until I am able to help save more lives!

The Paradigm Shift inside my heart happened because of all the encouraging emails, tweets, facebook posts, and text messages that I got throughout the day. I was finally able to look into the faces (pictures of) real people that have benefited from platelet donations. Here is a quick recap of some of the cool messages:

Via Paul Register on FaceBook: “People often forget about platelets. But when I was going through my chemotherapy for Lymphoma, I remember telling the Doctor…” I don’t care what I have to do, I just do not want a blood transfusion”. Well, after 14 days in the hospital, I HAD to receive bags of Platelets!!!!  YES, They saved my life. So thanks for the blog and post!

Via Stephanie Dutton Nunnally on FaceBook: Hey Chris thank you for donating platelets, this means a lot to me because my youngest son has ITP(a blood disorder) and may one day need a platelet transfusion.

I also learned some new “medical” data from @Angie_Dawg and I think that it is important you know this as well. I learned what Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is and that I, unfortunately, am positive. Don’t be afraid to shake my hand if you see me because 80% of the US population is positive as well – ……… oh, you need to know what CMV is don’t you:

Now listen up folks because, this is the most important thing for you to read with in this posting – Infants that need blood transfusions need that blood to be CMV negative. I am talking about our babies people and only 20% of the adult US population is CMV negative. That would be GREAT news if all 45,294,018 of that group would donate blood, platelets, plasma, etc.. etc.. etc.. BUT THEY DON’T!

If you do not know your CMV status than call 1-800-Give-Life (448-3543) and schedule an appointment to donate. Call them back a few days after and ask them your status. If you are or find out that you are CMV negative you now have a responsibility to give back to the babies that so desperately need you! (Go ahead, try to suppress that little voice later on …………)

Ok – Thanks for making it through all 813 words today. Oh, one more thing – See that little comment button just below? Why not let me and the other readers know what you learned on CAD!

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4 Responses to CAD: Lessons Learned! CAD: Lessons Learned?

  1. Chris, great blog again. You are doing good sofar, keep it up. I just want to say that usually, the exact people who benefit from others giving blood, can not themselves donate. You see, I can, but they do not want my blood, due to the fact hat I have had CANCER and stuff. Therefore, we need others to continue to give the life savings!!

    Thanks again

  2. LanceCake says:

    I think taking medical research from someone named Angie Dawg is the true revelation. That’s sarcasm, Angie.

    I admire your commitment, Chris

  3. Mom says:

    Ok, I didn’t read the article about CMV – it is too complicated for my aging brain BUT I am scheduled to donate platelets again on 10/6. I entered a reminder on my calendar not to take aspirin for the two days preceding. I asked about the two needle thing and after checking and calling me back was told that there are two different machines which do the same thing so being the lucky person that I am I go to a facility that only sticks me once!

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