Songs About Me: Part 1

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind. I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time ……. Songs are able to do that to me and probably to you. Songs make us think, alter our moods, give us hope, inspiration, encouragement. Songs bring  joy, pain, sadness, and memories of some of our seasons of life. Songs are cool! But you already knew that.

While I was walking around the world today I was listening to one of the songs on my “song list” that just seems to get me going. This particular song inspires and encourages me. I think that you should listen to it first: 

Want to bring up the lyrics?

Here are a few of the thoughts that pass through my mind when I hear this song – First, I always think of the life that was wasted because of drugs. Info Here: 

I also let some of the lyrics inspire and encourage me to change – Hoon says “as I sit here in this misery” …. now we have all been through some sort of misery in our lives and may well be going through that right now. Some, have miseries that run much deeper than others. Thankfully, I have some very mild “miseries” if I can even call them that. But there is one thing that this songs tells me – Change! “when life is hard you’ve got to change“. You cannot change all aspects of your “life” but I am sure that you can find something in your life that needs to change. If you don’t know what that thing is start here “… you’ve got to STAND up and take a look around you …” Notice how I brought your attention to STAND – Well, here is another great and inspirational song. You will be encouraged by this one!


Today – For some of you, push has come to shove! I want you to taste what you are made of! You might bend! You might break! But shake it off and STAND! Get back in the race so that one more small piece of you falls into to place!

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One Response to Songs About Me: Part 1

  1. Lance says:

    The Verve – Lucky Man: “Happiness something in my own place i’m standing naked
    Smiling, I feel no disgrace with who I am”

    Social Distortion – Ball and Chain: “Well I’ve searched and I’ve searched to find the perfect life- brand new car and a brand new suit i even got me a little wife- but herever I have gone I was sure to find myself there- you can run all your life
    But not go anywhere

    U2 – One – “Have you come here for forgiveness, have you come to raise the dead, have your come here to play Jesus, to the lepers in your head?”

    don;t get me started on the Paul Westerberg or Bob Dylan catalogues.

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