My Pyramid of Life!

Did you open this posting with the slight hesitation that one would have if they thought they were about to be recruited into a pyramid scheme? Well, thank you for admitting that! Rest assured that I am not trying to recruit you into a pyramid scheme but I am trying to recruit you into a Pyramid of Life! I am going to explain more about that in a while but I do have to set the scene for those that are reading my blog for the first time.

If you have not “followed” my blog or read the posts that have inspired my Pyramid of Life please complete the following steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: 

Good – Lets get down to the business of discussing my Pyramid of Life and how you can be part of it. I want to create a pyramid of platelet donors. I want to inspire and encourage people (like you) to get out there and give platelets so that those that need it will always have it! I know that it seems like a BIG task but it is really quite simple and frankly I know that this process will work.

There are 2 very easy ways that you can be involved in this and you could even do both!

Here is the first and it is the most important way to get involved. I want you (at least 10 of you) to commit to donating platelets in the next 3 weeks! I know that 10 of you can. I have 89 Twitter followers and 428 Face Book friends that have been targeted to read this post! If, and I doubt it will happen, all 517 of you read this posting then surely 10 of you can say – I will GiveLife!

Now on to building the pyramid – I want at least 5 of you to commit to donating platelets at least 1 time per month and recruiting at least 5 others to follow your lead! If we build a 3 tier pyramid we would have 31 people giving platelets each mouth! And that is my focus and my goal. Lets call it a dream! Are you going to be one of the 5?

Now here is the simplest and easiest way to support MY DREAM. If you cannot or simply will not donate platelets then I want you to Retweet the message that you received or post my link on your Face Back or forward my blog address to your email list or …….. you get the picture. Help get the word out so that someone else has the chance to Give Life!

If you plan to be one of the 10 that are going to schedule a donation please email me at so that I know there are some good hearted people out there.

If you are going to be one of the 5 in Tier 1 I will need you to email me as well. I will follow up with you and continue to encourage you to find your 1st Tier!

Since it is time for you good people to get busy I will close with the best closing statement ever heard!

“That’s all I got to say about that”

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