What Does Gravity Mean To You?

On Monday I am going to attempt to do what many many many people have failed to do! I am going to attempt to Defy Gravity! There are a few people out that there have tried successfully and I intend to be added to that list.

I decided to learn a little more about what I was going to defy and I was shock by the following: “There are some observations that are not adequately accounted for, which may point to the need for better theories of gravity . . . . “

You can read what those are for yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity

It appears to me that Gravity can be defied ………..

But that isnt the purpose of this post – I want to know what Gravity means to you – Either post a comment or send me a message – creech_chris@bellsouth.net @DxPepper or on my FaceBook page!

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