Just Awesome!

Many of you already know that today I completed the Lake Lanier Sprint Distance Triathlon. I feel pretty darn good about my time and unofficially think that I beat last years time by about 6 minutes. Truth be told that was highly expected because last year I herniated L5/S1 six weeks prior and was workout dormant for that time period!

But anyway – My morning started at about 3:15 (much earlier then I wanted it to) and I made a few Twitter updates to keep my “public” involved. For every tweet I figured I would come back home and give the in depth version of what was going through my mind – (Hard to do that in 140 characters.) So here I am, ready to tell you all about some little things that happened during my tri!

For starters …. well, ummmmmmmm! Nope. Nothing. Empty. Drawing a blank. There is NOTHING that I can tell you about what I went through today that is more inspiring then what I witnessed as I ended my event.

Long after I had finished the race, eaten all of the little goodies, cheered on some other racers, got all my equipment and walked back to my car, loaded up, and was LEAVING Lake Lanier Island did I witness the most awesome part of my event.

Pretty much ALL of the other racers were finished with the bike leg and into the run so it very much surprised me to see that there was still a biker on the course. I have to be honest and will try to be sensitive but the largest lady that I have seen riding a bike was pedaling away. This lady had to be a couple (if not a few) hundred pounds overweight. I think that there were some extreme health concerns because an ambulance was literally following her for her race. As I passed her I did something that just felt like the right thing to do – I yelled out of my window, “great job, keep it up” and continued my trip home.

The smile that crossed her face and the way that she said “thank you” was proof positive that I had encouraged her. I just hope that she realizes how much she encouraged me! I am decently fit so today really did not require a lot of effort. I just went and and did the event, have already recovered and even played 30 minutes worth of tennis with Kath. But to her – She was Defying Gravity!

If you are at home thinking – I can’t, I am too this or that, I don’t have time, etc … etc … etc … then just try to think about that lady! Get up and do it!

PS – You could also watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbXgQqbOoU

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3 Responses to Just Awesome!

  1. Lance says:

    congratulations. I am blown away by your commitment. way to go bro.

  2. Mom says:

    You are so awesome and I love you so, so very much!!

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