Defying Gravity

If you are an old school DxPepper friend then you probably came to this posting to see what kind of stupid thing I got myself into this time. If you are a new school DxPepper friend then you might have come here to see what my next race or event was going to be. But I am sure you were also thinking that there was going to be something crazy about this Defying Gravity thing that I have been mentioning for a few weeks – There is!

If this is your first time visiting my blog or you don’t remember some of my last posts you may want to go back and read Paradigm Shift, Did You Accept My Challenge, CAD, and Pyramid of Life because all of those postings have led me to this Defying Gravity moment.

Let me get this out of the way first – Traditional gravity cannot be defied. Period. So let’s talk about non-traditional gravity. Better yet let me try to define gravity so that it works for my purposes. Gravity is ANYTHING that holds you down, back, discourages you, or prevents you from doing something that you can do. See, a little paradigm shift and you have a new understanding of gravity and IT CAN BE DEFIED.

I realize I could dedicate this post to all of things that hold lots of you down but that is for you do. This posting is about MY attempt to defy gravity and my plan to do it.

A while ago I tried to encourage some (lots) of you to get out there and donate platelets. I developed My Pyramid of Life and had this glorious idea that it would work. I honestly thought that 5 people would step up and say “I will do it” but then . . . . gravity!

The fact is, only 1 person communicated to me that they would be donating platelets after all of my efforts and that was my mom. She gives regularly anyway! It has become clear that I am going to have to Defy Gravity to get 5 people to give platelets so that we can start Our Pyramid of Life.

I will accomplish my goal! I will continue to post about, talk about, update my status about, Tweet about, DM you about, IM you about, email you about, message you about, and text you about my efforts to Defy Gravity. I know that this can be done!

Something is keeping you from calling 1-800-Give-Life to schedule your donation! Defy Gravity – Pick up the phone …

Later today I am going to schedule my next donation and think that it will be on 10/15 at 9:30AM. If you are in the Metro Atlanta Area -join me. We can sit and chat about old times while we saves lives. Text, DM, email, or do something to let me know if you can make it so when Red Cross calls me later today I can hold a second spot for you. (Yes, they are going to call me today because I asked them to and they do not let Gravity hold them from making their calls).

Gravity – I realize that there are lot of reasons that some of you may not be able to schedule a donation and I do not want to beat you up so I am going to offer you an out. If you cannot schedule a donation for what ever reason you may have then you can at least join in my efforts to build this Pyramid of Life by telling your friends or followers about my blog and encourage them to come read about what we are trying to do!

Defy Gravity! It can …… scratch that ….. it WILL be done!

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One Response to Defying Gravity

  1. Kellee says:

    I am right behind you!! I think it’s amazing what you’re doing here…amazing. Unfortunately being diabetic, the Red Cross can’t use anything from me..but..I have texted, emailed and called many of my friends and family regarding this and I thought I should tell you…..because of you….6 people have committed to donating regularly. Thank you again for all you’re doing.

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