One of my Twitter Followers is seriously considering getting involved with The Pyramid of Life. She is considering donating platelets but has some issues and some concerns. Would you please help me encourage her to GiveLife for the first time? Here is a message that she sent to me in response to my Defy Gravity posting:

So I’m kind of curious about the experience of giving platelets. I was told by a doctor at one time that I can’t give blood because Ive had mono before. I’m starting to doubt that info. that being said, I’ve never even given blood. I don’t have aids or cancer(that I know of) (aids I’m sure of. I get tested every year). I don’t know if there are restrictions about these things. I am always sick, but haven’t been found to have any autoimmune disorders or anything so as far as I can tell my blood is ok! lol. but I am concerned about being able to take it. it sounds like it hurts. I know that’s not a good excuse but I’d hate to pass out on everybody! lol. maybe I should start with giving blood. idk. honestly, I’ve been looking for something “good” to do lately. and you’ve presented such an opportunity. I am terrified at the thought of it. but I know that sometimes its good to do terrifying things. I guess that goes along with your defying gravity motto. needles don’t bother me. pain does. lol. I guess I am a girl. but I don’t have that phobia so many people do. so, how do you do it? do you have to bring proof you don’t have diseases or will they just test your stuff on its own or what? how long does it take?
Also, I was curious how they use what you give? one of my best friends almost died when she was pregnant because she developed a platelet disorder called ITP. it was terrifying for me. I’m actually crying just thinking about it right now. that was 7 years ago. it’s funny how raw the memory of it is to me, and she barely remembers how bad it was. she’s pregnant again now and when she told me she was pregnant again, I almost had a heart attack. I was so happy for her but terrified she would get sick again. things are fine. she actually a few years ago ended up having to have her spleen removed because of all of it. that seems to have fixed it. her platelets almost disappeared. they were worried she would bleed to death during childbirth. and the whole time she was pregnant she had to go to the doctor three times per week and sit for three hours hooked to an IV to get steroids, platelets and all kinds of stuff in this crazy cocktail. it kept her alive. but it was horrible for her. I guess that’s why her mind has sort of hazed those memories. but anyway, i guess that’s one of the thins they would use it for.
idk. I guess I’m just curious and want as much information as I can have and maybe I want you to talk me into it. lol.
so, make as much sense of this message as you can. lol. and write back with whatever you think would be helpful to me.

I am not going to post my response to her for reasons that I will describe below but I am going to post the response that she sent back to me:

ok. good info. so does it ruin everything if you pass out? I am genuinely worried about that possibility. as ridiculous as it seems. I mean, the needles don’t bother me and the pain really doesn’t bother me at all when they take blood at the doctor’s office, but when they have to take alot, I do get very lightheaded. and I know that they take way more than that when you give blood, so I guess that’s why I’m concerned about that. so the sickness issues seem fine. I’m ok with giving blood, but as you can tell, the platelet issue is a bit close to my heart. I told my friend last night that I was thinking of doing it and she got so excited. PLEASE. DO IT! I WOULD IF I COULD!! PLEASE! this is what she said to me. I think it meant alot to her that I was thinking about it and that she was my motivation for it. she said not enough ppl do it and it’s so incredibly painful and horrific to receive them that it just makes it that much more horrible when you find out how incredibly expensive it is to get platelets because people just don’t donate them. so that gave me another little shove.
I don’t want to go by myself. I know that. maybe she will go with me. I’ll figure that out. anyway, if anything I’ve said/asked will be helpful to your blog, you may use it!
Now it is your turn to get involved – If you can’t or won’t GiveLife then you certainly can be involved in the Pyramid of Life by posting some comments that would be encouraging to Libby and to others that are in her situation.
You can find her on Twitter @LibbyCake or if you want to send her a direct message you can send me your email and I will forward it to her!
Encourage her to Defy Gravity!
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