2nd 100 Word Entry – Handsome

Damn! Another 3:30AM wake up call to another crime scene in the middle of the back woods. Or was I headed into the city this time? Dispatch only gave me an address and at this hour I have no idea where I am going. But I sure know what I am going to find when I get there. The fact that I have been called to the scene indicates that there is not only a body but it is currently a John Doe with special circumstances. I bet he will be handsome like the last three.

*blogger’s note* – This is this week’s entry for @velvetverbosity / http://www.velvetverbosity.com/ ‘s 100 word challenge. I write 100 words prompted by one word. This week’s inspiration is HANDSOME.

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One Response to 2nd 100 Word Entry – Handsome

  1. Lance says:

    like a Raymond Chandler short story…perfectly done

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