Introducing …… Tony Rite

I know that it has been a littel while since I have posted any new stuff to help feed your junk reading habit. I am coming off of a crazy couple of weeks in terms of life events and activities. But really, I have focused all of my “writing” attention to a project that was prompted by NaNoWriMo ( – Here are the basics:

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)  is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30.

With a little encouragement from @TinfoilMagnolia, @TLanceB, and @VelvetVerbosity I decided that I would participate. But, there is no way that I am writing 2000+ words a day so I am taking my own approach. Over the next 2 – 3 months I will complete a novel.

Below is my first draft attempt to introduce a character to the story. Your comments and feedback is not only ACCEPTED but EXPECTED.

*** *** ***

In the last 48 hours Tony Rite had been on 5 flights, traveled to 3 cities, and slept in 2 different but equally awful hotel beds. He had made the same presentation to 3 other venture capital firms and his nerves were shot. The closing Q&A sessions of the previous meetings left him with the feeling that funding was not going to come from those firms.

He tried not to not put too much pressure on this final meeting but funding had become a desperate matter.  If he could not obtain seed money he would have to give up the project that he had invested his entire livelihood into. His family was down to their final month of savings and they had exhausted all other options.

The tension that resided in his home had steadily built over the last 2 years and he felt like one more straw was all that it would take. The camel’s back had broken long ago but its legs were still fighting. Lack of funding and the financial difficulties that were eminent might well be all that it took for total collapse.

Tony was sitting in the executive reception area of ARCH Venture Partners in Chicago, IL. iPhone in hand, he was thumbing through the latest FaceBook photo album that his wife had uploaded. This particular album contained pictures of the kids’ latest sporting events. Try as he might, he could not keep his stomach from tightening. He knew that his kids’ futures were riding on his ability to capture some investors. He also knew that his marriage would probably not survive if this project failed.

Tony was a decently educated man and had worked his way up the corporate ladder in the banking industry. Along the way he had learned a very conservative approach to business and finance. He simply learned that risks were something that few should take. The large southern bank that he worked for was about as conservative as they come. He was rewarded for avoiding risky business deals and as such was very leery of taking any.

However, Tony could not escape from the idea that the internet business model he had created would work if the site could hit the market. He was so convinced that his model would be a success that he gained his wife’s permission to focus his attention on building the site and attempting to go public. Actually Marsha had full faith in his ability and was excited that his work hours might change. In order to maintain his position and status he had to work more than she liked.

With his entire family in full support of his plan, Tony resigned from his position at the bank and devoted 100% of time to developing the site. Tony had made a few miscalculations along the way and what was supposed to be a 12 month development cycle had turned into 26 months.

During that time frame he and his family had burned through their ready cash savings and he was forced to exercise all of the stock options he had received from his previous work experience. They were able to maintain their standard of living and continued with the good life until the accident.  

Marsha was skiing Keystone and had a very dramatic fall. The damage to her knee was so severe that initial assessments indicated that she would probably lose the leg from mid femur down. No expense was spared and with the advancement of ACL surgical procedures, her leg was saved.

The bills from the hospital, surgeon, physical therapist, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and everyone else associated with the 4 procedures started to flood his mailbox. Tony had used all of the procedural estimates to calculate a family budget and he knew that things were going to be tight.

The estimates turned out to be just that and not one single procedure ended up costing what the initial estimates indicated. After running new numbers and making additional arrangements Tony knew that he was going to be forced into a very difficult decision. Banruptcy protection was just not something that a conservative banker type mind was conditioned to consider.

Tony had no choice. He was either going to completely empty all of his families cash, savings, and investments to pay off his medical bills or he was going to have to declare himself bankrupt. The only decision left to make was,  Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

The financial burden associated with the accident wasn’t the only issue that plagued the family. Tony simply could not focus on development while taking care of Marsha and the kids.  He tired to manage the daily activities of the household, the kids, and Marsha but by the time the day was done he was void of energy. Trying to work through the night was just not an option.

They were beyond many of those difficulties now as Spin Wheel Trading had been developed, beta tested, and was now ready to be launched. All he needed now was funding. He put the iPhone away and pulled out his copy of the presentation for one final review. He had to nail it today.

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One Response to Introducing …… Tony Rite

  1. evenstarwen says:

    This sentence is one of the most striking I’ve come across recently: The camel’s back had broken long ago but its legs were still fighting. Love it. 🙂 Keep going!

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