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Hello there friends – It has been awhile since I have posted and I have missed it. I have been involved in a few extra things and there hasnt been that much time for my blog. I am going to try and make more frequent updates but who knows …..

So this is the start of a posting that I will revisit and update quite often. I am going to start sharing the Chris Creech Life Soundtrack with you all. I doubt that you will be able to find this one in stores but I am working with iTunes to get them to release it but they are focused on their Beatles or some other bug ….. I thought that Apple systems didnt get bugs. Oh well!

Now, I know that music is very popular to most people and that everyone that listens to music finds something in the music that just gets them. Well, that is exactly what music does for me. It changes my mood – It encourages me – It inspires me – Sometimes it makes me cry – Laugh – get angry – get happy – Sometimes I want to dance, errr well ummm … try to – Sometimes I want to sing – Sometimes I just want to sit and listen.

Lots of my greatest memories have been tagged by music and some of my wounds are opened by a song – I will try to explain each one as I update. I hope you enjoy the Chris Creech Life Soundtrack!

#1 Magic Power – Triump:

The world is full of compromise and infinite red tape , but the music’s got the power, it’s your one chance for escape. So turn IT on – turn IT up – it’s your turn to dream. A little magic power makes it better than it seems”

I think that those words pretty much sum it all up! I must of been 10 or 11 when I first heard this song and it touched me right away. I had no idea that I would be looking back 30 some years later to the song that started my passion for the emotions that music brings out. It is just magic …. sorry, I coulnt resist.

# 2 Total Eclispe of the Heart –

This song a is real tear jerker in and of its self but when you add a little historical perspective this becomes a very intense emotional “mover” for me. I remember coming home from grade school and turning on the radio. No, I wasnt hoping that “DJ was going to play my favorite song” or anything. I just wanted to hear some music while playing my ATARI 64 or some other “computer game” – The DJ from 94Q did say the following:

Today Koream Airlines Flight 007 was shot down over Soviet airspace. Georgia’s Congressman Larry McDonald was onboard that flight. This is an appropriate dedication.

I didnt know this man or anything about him but hearing the dedication followed by Bonnie Tyler’s song touched me in a very deep way. I have not forgotten that day and this song always brings the emotions I felt that day to the surface.

Historical References:



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