July 21, 1993

Do you know what happened on that day in history? It is a day that I will never forget. Actually, it is a day that some people will not let me forget. I have gotten beyond the events of that day – I learned a valuable life lesson – I might have even matured a little as a direct result of the events of that day. But “they” will not move on.

I think that it was in early 1996 that my nose was “shoved” into the documentation of the that fateful day. I had applied to work for then First Union Bank turned Wachovia Bank turned Wells Fargo Bank turned . . . TBD. My application was accepted and approved. I even had a nice interview with a hiring manager. She told me that they had the perfect position for me and indeed it was. She was going back to her office to finalize an offer and would be back in touch in a few days …. then weeks …. then about a month later I got a nice (unsigned) form letter informing me that I was too “morally corrupt” to be considered for employment and they made reference to that date – July 21, 1993!

I was eventually hired on at SunTrust Bank and started making the climb up that ladder and even advanced to an AVP position prior to leaving the work force to be a stay at home dad. (BTW – AVP positions are given out to just about everybody so I really wasnt that very special). They didnt think that my moral corruptness was all that bad . . .

But just today – my nose was rubbed into the stintch of my past. I got a call from my newest employeer (they are good people so I am not going to mention them here) asking me for a copy of the final disposition from that day – July 21, 1993

Here are a few facts about some other things that happend on that date through out history. You may have forgotten these because you were so very focused on what I did . . .


Now let me describe my day and the events that unfolded. Some of you may know that I am an Atlanta Braves Baseball fan. I have been since I can remember. I was born and raised in North Metro Atlanta so what choice did I have? I wish I had the time to blog about all of my closely held memories of going to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium with my Pops. Those memories are among some of the greatest that I hold.

Here is a snapshot of a couple of memories – I was there at that infamous 4th of July game and stayed until the end. I witnessed a pitcher hit a homerun in the bottom of the 18th to add some more innings. My Pops NEVER left a game early!


I saw the never ending boxing match between the Braves and Padres. I saw … I was there … I witnessed a few other GREAT MOMENTS in Braves history but NONE eclipse the game of July 21, 1993 –

It was a pretty typical day in HotLanta – Hot and potential of rain. But that did not keep me, Pat Daily, Cindy something or another from heading down to the game.

I do not recall the game, the score, the players, or even what was happening at the game. I do remember the rain that was approaching . . . that started to fall . . . that caused a rain delay . . . that lead the gounds crew to bring out that very inviting blue (it was blue back in the day) tarp. You know the one! It looks like a massively big slip-n-slide . . .

Well, after a little discussion . . . debate . . . and proding from Pat – Off I went! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – Safe at the covered plate!

Just as I finished my slide I got to meet some of Atlanta’s finest! I thought the APD dude was trying to shake my hand for doing what Sid Bream had done the year before but he was actually putting the steel around my wrists!

Now, if you ever find yourself at a baseball game and that tarp comes out and you start to think about making your mark on history just remember one thing – You will not only get evicted from the game – but you will be arrested and charged with CRIMINAL TRESPASSING.

That charge isnt really as bad as it sounds when you apply it to the actual events that took place but . . . . . “they” call it Criminal Trespassing and “it” is considered a “morally corrupt” act!

And that is my PSA for the day!

By the way – Here is what the Braves did that day: http://www.baseball-almanac.com/box-scores/boxscore.php?boxid=199307210ATL

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3 Responses to July 21, 1993

  1. Ernie says:

    Hmmm. Hey, it still sounds like fun!

    It was fascinating seeing those old, familiar names on the box score for that game: Maddux, Mercker, etc. Love me some old-time Braves.

  2. Lance says:

    I think Rick Camp ended up doing harder time than you.

  3. Cindy something or another says:

    One of my favorite games!!! 🙂

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