Sweet Simplicity . . .

The above picture is a great illustration of something that is very complex. Lately, is seems that many of my “life issues” seem to be as, if not more, complex than that image appears to be. And so, I have been very focused on complex issues and how to handle them. What is the best decision? Consequence to dispense? Process to take? Etc? Etc? Etc? But then it hit me. I found some guidance in music.

I heard a song that other day that I used to listen quite often. It is a very sweet song and it has a very deep and meaningful message. One of the lyrics go a little like this:

 “rational analysis and systematic thinking robbed me of a sweet simplicity”

It occurred to me that if I could somehow set aside my need to rationalize, over analyze, and make something simple so complex that I might have a better chance of making the right decision. (Or at least not worrying so much about it)

As that thing occurred to me . . .  more and more things starting to occur to me . . . and before long I felt like I was replaying that song and those lyric’s in my mind over and over again. I started to see a pattern in my thinking and in the thinking of those that I interact with.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Choice of music – I have some friends that HATE Nickleback – I really don’t get it. I happen to like them. Maybe I am just too simple and do not really understand music but I find their songs entertaining. Try this one on for size – Miley Cyrus. I do not really like her but It’s the Climb is an excellent song that has a great message. Do not miss that because you dont like her.

More  . . .

I recently became a substitute teacher for the Fulton County School System. The pay for a one day assignment is comparatively acceptable. As I started to plan out how many days a week I might like to work I was forced to make a little financial analysis as well. My thoughts went like this – I am going to make X dollars today in that assignment. But I am going to pay Y dollars to put Teddy in after care since I cant pick him up on time. X-Y= not a whole lot. Is “not a whole lot” worth the time that I will miss doing all of my other stay at home dad duties . . . . etc . . . . etc . . .  Not really. So I started to get discouraged from considering working that often. 😦

BUT – Simply put – Our kids (maybe even mine from time to time) need good Teachers of the Day. I just might be better than others so  . . . . I decided to set aside all of the complexities and decided to take assignments when I could.

The future thanks me 🙂

Now – Here is another real big issue that I have discussed with some lately – I know that I might be opening a can of worms but  . . . this is my blog. Hit that TOP RIGHT X if you do not like this. The topic of Health Care . . . that is a real big topic and I am not going to get all complicated here so I just want to add that in the Sweetest of all Simplicities I would like to know that ALL PEOPLE had access to quality health care. (That’s all I got to say about that) –

Here is one that has really irritated me – I mean this one has gotten my blood boiling. It sort of has to do with the paragraph from above so here is a political sensitivity warning for those that do not wish to venture down Barrack Obama Way . . . . 

 Well you stayed with me so here goes – I recently got 3 tickets to go see Michelle Obama deliver a speech on her Let’s Move Campaign. I personally had no desire to go see the event. I have nothing against our First Lady – I just fell like there are better ways to spend my time. BUT – I was very excited that my 7 year old daughter was going to go with my mom. I think that the opportunity to witness that is just awesome for any and all students. (I donated the 3rd ticket to LKs school and the music teacher got to go)

I posted my excitement on Face Book and Twitter and told some of my closer friends about it. I was shocked by some of the responses. I got several direct messages that basically made the point that I should not let my daughter attend that event because the messenger did not like Barrack Obama. Really? Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! –

Now listen – I do not agree with all of B.O.’s political views but I have nothing against the man as a person. I do not agree with all of M.O.’s political views but I have nothing against her as a person. What I do agree with is the fact that our kids need to get off of their lazy    $^%^#^& ‘s and MOVE! – I think that my Tweeps, old FaceBook Friends, and other friends got all wrapped up in their systematic thinking that if it has to do with an Obama than it must be wrong! Sound familiar?

And now I guess I need to conclude this as I am getting very close to 1000 words and I am afraid that my reader count drops when I get over 750 . . . . .  (AADD????? or something)

Stop being so analytical and so systematic in the way that you think – Remember that there is Sweet Simplicity in every aspect of life!

Here are some reference points for your review:



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3 Responses to Sweet Simplicity . . .

  1. Marsha says:

    I am on a Mac, so the X is upper left for me. That being said, couldn’t agree more with your “simplistic” health care view. You just don’t get it unless you’ve ever had to do without.

    As for Michelle Obama, I am a huge Obama fan. I would love the opportunity to meet either of them, as I feel they have brought that certain “something” back to the White House. That being said, no, I don’t agree with everything that has been done in his presidency nor do I feel it is OK to blame everything wrong with our country on him. I have heard him maligned in ways that I never thought I would witness a President being subjected to. I am sorry, but it is just sad.

    When I was 13 I had the opportunity to meet Nancy and Ronald Reagan. Today, as a liberal democrat, I cringe at the thought that he was the only president I have gotten to shake hands with. However one thing remains…at the time? It was a big effing deal. Michelle Obama is still the First Lady of this country and I feel she deserves, they both deserve respect for that.

    Oh, dear lord. I think I exceeded 750 in my reply, perhaps I should just blog this. Great post. Super excited for your kiddo.

  2. Lance says:

    I’ve already written the anti facebook post so there’s no reason to tread that water. Both sides of the political argument seem to wander in from primordial ooze in that social media. I think it is a terrific idea for your daughter, my Lyla (Bug) is 7 and a fierce soccer player, to attend Michelle’s event. The age of our girls is prime training ground for physical fitness. I doubt Mrs. Obama will turn you into a communist.

    As to the “sly, subtle” nod towards me in this blog. The Climb’s lyrics, while simple and pollyannic, are worthy of liking. It’s sung by an untalented chipmunk. Give that song to Carrie Underwood or Katy Perry then we’ll talk.

    Nickelback sucks. Hard. Forever. I still think the world of you Chris. But those Canadian hacks are hurting your soul. Great post, sir.

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