A Great Tennis Weekend –

This weekend is going to a great one for my tennis game. I have 2 matches to play and I have been able to add some of the good tennis drama to each. Both matches have been played up in my mind and I feel as if they are as important as the US OPEN finals are to Nadal or Roddick*. (*if he can get there again)

I will be playing my first match in about 2 hours. This is a T2 Tennis, Men’s Doubles-Winter ’11 (4.0-) regular season match. My partner and I are currently in 1st place with a 2-0 (59%) record. We will playing the #3 team with a 1-1 record (54%). 

On paper our opponents appear to be a very strong team. Their 1 loss came to the #2 team and their win came against the #6 team. Now, their win against #6 is the match that I have reviewed as that is our common opponent. It took us and them 3 sets to beat those guys so today is going to be a very close match.

I will be back a little later on to discuss the details of my mixed match but I want to talk with you about my game in general. I feel as I have matured as a tennis player and this has been a great year of tennis for me.

When I first started playing tennis I was a real ass on the court. Really. I mean that! I think that I know why – or at least that I have learned why I used to be. I will tell you more about that in a few minutes. But the truth is – I was not a Friend At Court. I used every opportunity that I could to gain an “edge” in the match. I actually looked for ways to enforce some of the “rules” so that tension could be created. I figured that tension would cause the my opponents to lose their cool and their skills. – I lacked confidence in my game!

Today – Things are very different. I have more confidence in my game and in my skills. I still have a long way to go and will likely never face RF on the court but . . . . . you never know.

Here is a compare and contrast to my early years of playing and things that have occurred this season:

Mixed Match #1 – Our opponents made what appeared to be a bad line call. In my early years of tennis I would have questioned their call several times and might have even argued with them a little.

But now – I have come to realize that I am just as likely to make a bad call so give them a break. I have come to realize that no one is going out their to cheat and that they (like me) are just having fun and trying to be the best that they can at their sport and simply made the best call that they could.

I am going up 🙂 FINALLY!

I have also played a match in the rain. Literally, there were small puddles on the court.

In the past – I would never play on a slightly wet court. Actually, I would take a stance that was different than my opponent. If they wanted to play – I didn’t. If they didn’t I did. I am not sure what advantage I was trying to gain by being so difficult. I doubt that it really ever made a difference. But this year – I decided to play the match because everyone else wanted to (it is hard to get a match scheduled when there are 4 people involved) – WE WON! – My confidence grew!

I am finally starting to feel like a Tennis Grown Up! 🙂 And I am enjoying this great sport more and more with each match. Why? I have allowed the matches to be about playing the sport and not about playing the rules of the sport!

I will update you all later! Time to get ready to head out!



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