The Houses That Built Me –

Please click on the link below and give your head and heart a little under 4 minutes to listen to this song. (I didn’t build the You Tube posting so don’t blame me for the typos)

I figured that I should to start you off with the song that prompted this posting. The other day I was listening to this song while driving Teddy some where early in the morning. I have heard this song 100 times if not 101. I like this song very much and have since the first time I heard it. (TLance – does it meet with your approval?)

On this particular day and for no particular reason what so ever, I got a little teary eyed as I listened to it – over and over again. It felt good thinking back to the houses that have built me – The memories that each of them established – The good times – The bad times – The easy times – The hard times . . . . But most importantly, THE TIMES.

It is odd what a young man will “recelect” (  and my mind was flooded with thoughts of different events – situations – happenings – and . . . just some damn good memories.

And then the big idea hit me- Take a tour of the houses that built you. See what might flashback into your mind if you just touch those places – go feel them!

So I started my journey with a phone call to my mom. I just needed to confirm that I had the right memory of my living quarters time-line. I was pretty much dead on.

I do not have ANY memories of the 1st house that I lived in. I have only been told that it was somewhere in Atlanta but I guess I was just too young to capture any images.

My journey starts here:

We lived at 1023 Hillsdale Street in Smyrna GA from about my 2nd year of life until sometime before 1st grade. The rest of the pictures that I will post should make it obvious that we didn’t have much of money.

My dad left us when I was around 2ish or a little before or after or something like that. I really do not remember or have any specific memories of my life before 2. But I do have a few key memories of that 1st house:

The biggest and what I think is the oddest memory of that house is the fact that The Devil lived in the crawl space underneath it. That is what we were told and I believed it. You see, the ADULTS – the mature people – those that were suppose to mold us – teach us – guide us, decided that it would be funny to convince us that The Evil one himself lived there.

We were out back playing one day when they started the “game”. I could hear my name being called and it was coming from some little vent like thing close to the ground. I listened and even talked back into it – And then, Devil himself spoke. Well, I wasn’t going to hang around long enough to figure out what he had to say. You see, when you are 2-5ish and the Devil calls you out – BY NAME – You are going to get the heck out of dodge and I did! Elbows and $&%^@^% are all that he was going to see of me.

Later in life I found out that those fun loving big people were just yelling into a drainage pipe or something like that. Ha Ha Ha. You got me. Very funny. And you all wondered why I was afraid to sleep in my own bed!

Here are a few other memories that I will share in popcorn fashion – eating grits and cheese toast for breakfast often. Warming our cloths in the oven before going to school. That awesome little Snoopy doll that I got for Christmas one year. Walking to Myer’s Grocery.

Now – I am not sure of the who, what, when, or whys – But we moved into an apartment complex sometime before I started 1st grade. We lived in 2 different locations inside the complex:

That was the first unit we lived in – Oddly enough I am pretty sure it was the unit that has the blue sign on the window –

And there is the second unit. The one with the dish in the front.

I do not have any hand-prints on the front steps of any of the buildings in that complex but there is a cleared out area in the back woods from my play date with a book of matches. There is a small chance (albeit very small) that I left some skin from the palms of my hands or my knees on the roadway leading out. That fateful ride on the back of the Ice Cream truck with my brother Mike caused that.

Driving through that complex brought back many many memories and like before here is the popcorn version of some of the great ones!

Bozo climbing out of the 2nd floor window – Uncle Mark’s motorcycle – Playing “frog” with the family – The Belcher’s! – That boat lift handle – German Chocolate Cake Frosting – “WENDY! ITS TIME TO COME HOME”. – Tommy Tuups (sp???) – Walking to the Happy Mart – Poison Ivy patches – Summers “peeing” in the pool – Crawdad hunting in the creek – Watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang every year on my birthday –

We moved into the duplex below when I was in the 2nd or maybe third grade:

This was a very interesting place to live. Just across that road you see in the picture was a set of railroad tracks. Oh yeah, I laughed my butt off watching My Cousin Vinny during the part when the train went past his hotel – I lived that for a few years!

I will start with the popcorn memories:

That Ten Speed Christmas – Someone stealing my moms purse – Complete silence when we got home from school since Posey (my step-dad) worked nights – And, Gangster AKA Boots.

Oddly enough a memory came to mind that I have forgotten or buried or blocked or . . .  whatever, this isn’t a psycho babble posting so I will just share the memory.

You see I don’t like cats much. I guess I can say that I don’t care for cats much. But I came to realize that I used to. 

We picked up a stay cat when we lived back at the apartments so I called him Gangster cause he just sort of was – But he was black with white paws so Boots was a better name. I guess I liked the cat somewhat. I really don’t remember much more about him than I already mentioned. But I now think I know why I no longer care that much for cats.

My mom came home from work one day and gave me a Smiley Face cookie. I remember thinking WOW – Awesome. I thought that it was very cool. Until I found out why – Gangster had been hit – maybe even by a train. I guess I just never liked cats after that.

Next we moved into a VERY TINY house that was next door to Uncle Mike (ZZ TOP) and 2 doors down from Mrs. Bridges – Lots of great memories to be had here:

Then it was off to Wooddale Drive – The first house that Posey and Mom bought:

If you look closely enough you will notice a little vent underneath the windows on the left hand side of the house. I didn’t fall for that one again!

I wish that I could take the time to share all of the great memories from all of the houses that have built me – But I am sure that many of you are hoping that I will get to the point soon – I realize that the popcorn memories are meaningless with out the story but I figured I would lose some of you if I tried to tell each one. If you really want to know – ask in the comments section and I will reply there – but for now I am going to wrap this posting up.

Here is the current house that is building me – and my kids:

And now – for the moment that you have all been waiting for. The ending – The point of reading through all of this.

And here it is: I have come to the conclusion that Houses don’t build people. Peope build houses. But the events that take place inside of and around houses do build people!

And with that – I have to go. I am going to tell Laura Kate and Teddy about the monster that lives in their attic 😉

**** It is very important that you know that it is possible that the memories that I have created or not factually accurate. And that is what makes memories so incredible ****

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One Response to The Houses That Built Me –

  1. Very nice! Sweet post. Gets me thinking whether I have pics of all the homes I have lived in. There were a lot when I was growing up, one of which has since been torn down.

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