A Couple of Misfits –

Although the times were a bit hazy and my ability to remember details is … … … not what it should be, I do remember thinking that we (Chris Kappy and myself) were a couple of misfits. We were college students looking to live life to the fullest by doing all of the wrong things to achieve our goal. I guess you can say that we succeeded ūüôā

Years have passed and to an extent, it appears that we are both (still) a couple of misfits trying to live life to the fullest. But it should be clear, well … … … I hope that it is clear that we are now doing the right things to achieve our goal.

For no particular reason Kappy¬†and I did lose touch after college. Fact is, if FaceBook¬†weren’t around we might not be in touch today. But it is and we are and … … that is how the story goes.

Over the last couple of years I have watched Kappy post his opinion on many political topics, his musical interests, the sports teams that he follows, his favorite place to eat, “friends” that he has lost over Gay Marriage concerns, and a variety of other topics.

Most importantly РI have read many many MANY of his posts about childhood cancer and his desire to kick its %^$&! He started a FaceBook group (Warrior of Cancer РInfo Link #1 posted below) and www.WarriorOfCancer.com  to communicate his message. He has inspired me. Kappy has encouraged me. Just Kappy has touched my heart. He has led me to join his Army of Happiness. Basically, I have become a Warrior of Cancer and am excited to be fighting with and for his efforts.

He¬†– we – and the children of cancer need your help, assistance, ear, time, and just a little bit of your “effort”.

We have started a “grassroots” campaign to bring attention to some of the kids that have cancer. We hope that our efforts will provide these kids with the chance to live their lives to the fullest – even if that is for just a few moments at a time. It is possible. But we need help.

We started a FaceBook¬†group¬†called¬†A¬†Baseball Bat¬†Beats Cancer. The “marketing” may seem a little off. We know that Pink refers to the fight against breast cancer and that we are focused on childhood cancer but we have our reasons. We are just running with the momentum gained by winning Peter Moylan’s Pink Bat.

Peter Moylan is a relief pitcher with the Atlanta Braves (Info Link #2 posted below). He is one of the most active MLB player Twits. That basically means that he uses Twitter and has gained a reputation for being very active with this fans and followers.

Not long ago @PeterMoylan posted a contest to his Twitter account. In a nut shell, he wanted to give away his Pink Bat to a person that deserved it. Kappy and I jumped at the chance and spent a few days telling Pete why Warrior of Cancer deserved that bat. We used FaceBook, Twitter, and email to bombard Pete and eventually won that bat! (Info Link #3 posted below)

We also have Primo‚Ķ oh wait you don‚Äôt know who Primo is‚Ķ.. Primo is the competitive spirit that lives within all of us; for some he‚Äôs easy to find for others you must search a little deeper. To ‚Äėfind your Primo‚Äô is to find your inner strength, to embrace your challenges, to work hard, persevere, and believe in yourself to WIN!¬†

Tanya Primo-Jones aka The Primo Lady and founder of www.findyourprimo.com has joined the Army of Happiness and is going to be involved with our efforts. You can get to know her better at www.insearchofprimo.com

You may be interested in WHO this Primo guy pictured above is:  http://www.primoactivewear.com/FindYourPrimo.html

So now … … … we have momentum and Primo. But we need more. We need some good people (and lots of them) to join our group. We are not going to exploit you, bombard you with info or data, our use your information. Our plan is grow in numbers so that we have a better chance to gain the attention of others that might be able to help.

Please consider doing just a few things:

#1 – Join the group on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_131635123578582&ap=1

#2 Follow @Armyofhappiness on Twitter

#3 – “Share” this blog post on your FaceBook page or via Twitter.

#4 – Actively ask at least 1 other person to join the group / follow on Twitter.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this request!

******MORE INFO******

Info Link #1 http://www.facebook.com/#!/WarriorOfCancer

Info Link #2 http://www.petermoylan.com/

Info Link #3 http://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-braves/braves-mvt-most-valuable-960859.html


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