A Running Play List –

I am far more active on Twitter than I am on FaceBook … … I bet my FB friends are wondering how that is possible but it is. And I am and that’s the way it is.

Yesterday I was posting some pretty boring stuff about … … well, that could have been cancer, wine, exercise, running, tennis, Charlie Sheen … … the list goes on and on and on and on and … you get the point. Anyway …

I got a tweet from @Chambrick4 asking me to put together an exercise play list for her. I had to clarify what type of work out. Turns out we are talking about a play list for running / cycling.

I started thinking about the songs that I would put into a running / cycling play list and honestly, I hit a blank! I have different “play lists” for running, cycling, weight lifting, etc… etc … – Well, actually, that is a lie. I do not have any playlists built as I typically set the iPod to shuffle and skip when appropriate.

So this morning I decided to track the songs that I listened to while out for my 40 minute run. I do tend to have a pattern for this particular run as I am trying to move my heart rate through all 5 of the targeted zones – In other words, I want my heart rolling up and down just like the streets that I am running on. So, I use songs to “manage” my tempo and pace.

Here is my morning run:

Feeling the need to warm up and get the blood flowing into my tired legs I started with:

#1 – Love and Happiness / Al Green (Some 5 minutes later it was time to move the heart rate up a bit)

#2 – If You’re Going to Play in Texas / Alabama  (4 and half minutes later it was time to bring it down for a while)

#3 – Perfect Blue Buildings / Counting Crows (Now I am 15 minutes into the run and need to PUSH to the top of Zone 3)

#4 – Ladies and Gentlemen / Saliva (OUCH – need to pull back)

#5 – Somewhere Only We Know / Keane (Almost back to resting rate … … …)

#6 – Wanted / Jessie James (Pushed it hard and topped out in the low Zone 4 range)

#7 When I Get Where I’m Going / Brad Paisley (and the need to maintain this pace continues)

#8 I’m Alive (with Dave Matthews / Kenney Chesney (well rested and ready to push again)

#9 Lump / The Presidents of the United States of America (going going going – unto one final push)

#10 Far Behind / Candlebox ( Close to Zone 5 … … time for a little recovery cool down and some soul-searching)

#11 Lighting Crashes / Elton John

 Run hard my friends – and find your Primo!

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