Finding Primo –

I sure hope that you did not log into my blog to make a comment about what appears to be a typo. This is not a review of Finding Nemo. I have not seen that movie so I am in no position to give it a review.

However, I did watch Laura Kate and Teddy doing their best to Find Primo.

Primo is the competitive spirit that lives within all of us; for some he’s easy to find for others you must search a little deeper. To ‘find your Primo’ is to find your inner strength, to embrace your challenges, to work hard, persevere, and believe in yourself to WIN!” – Tanya Prino-Jones

Last night both Teddy and Laura Kate had their first EVER swim meet. To be honest, both of my kids are below average swimmers but they don’t know that. But they both know the difference between winning and losing. They both have an understanding of competition and they were both worried that they were not going to be “succcessful”.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

 As you can see – she was worried. I took them both aside and said “you better get 1st place you little brats” … … … ok, ok, ok – I did not say anything that was even close to that statement. I pretty much told them that they were swimming against themselves and that if they finished and did the best that they could do, they would be WINNERS.

Teddy was up first and was set to swim a 1 lap FreeStyle event. He seemed to be less; nervous, concerned, scared, worried … … once he stepped unto the diving board:

The horn blew – the light flashed – and into the water they all went. Teddy was swimming from the heart. He was pushing as hard as he could. It took him well over a minute to finish his event and it took him longer than any other swimmer to finish. I met him at the end of the pool, pulled him out and said … … … I am going to make you wait to find out what I told him.

Laura Kate was up for her event. It was pretty slow going as well. It took her longer than any other swimmer to finish her event but she finished. She came out of the water smiling because she overcame her fear!

Here is Laura Kate into her 2nd event:

Notice the smiles!

What happened in Teddy’s second event is the reason that I am writing this blog post today. Teddy was in a 1 lap Back Stroke event and lets just say … well, you already know that he is a below average swimmer. His Back Stroke results would probably be thrown out of any grading curve to keep the “bell” from moving to far left.

Teddy was just about half way though his lap about the same time that all of the other swimmers were darn near close to being towel dried. Yeah – it was that bad. He was close to 3/4s of the way finished when they decided to start the next event in the other lanes. Yeah – it was that bad!

Teddy finished. I met him at the end of the pool and said – “Great job Teddy. I am so proud of you” and he said “you are just saying that, jerk” … … … ok, ok, ok – He didn’t say that. He did say (in his special way of saying things) “tankyadaddy”!

Translation – Thank you daddy!

Teddy knew one thing. That he finished. Teddy found his Primo out in that water last night.

I am soo very proud that he knows how to look deep within!

It gets better – I woke up this morning to a sign in our front yard:

Are you ready to ??? ??? ???

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2 Responses to Finding Primo –

  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed reading. A great message and a humorous presentation.

  2. Mom says:

    I love this posting so much that I have read it several times. WTG, Dad!

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